Here you can find many different species of goats and multiple facts about them! I have chosen many interesting ones to exhibit on my websie :)... enjoy!(put link here)

There are around 300 types of goats- all in various areas of the world... here are some interesting ones...

Arapawa Goats (rarest)

These are one of the most rare goats to exist. Their story begins with a traveller named Captain Cook. He arrived on the island of Arapawa, just on the outskirts of New Zealand. He brought with him two English milk goats. When Cook left departed from the island, he left the two goats there as a source for food in case any other travellers were to come. The two goats bred creating 'a swarm of goats' to appear on the island. These words were reported by a traveller who passed through this island. The goats thrived on that island for centuries till the 1970s when the Forest Service enforced a cull eradicating much of the goat's population on the island. Still to this day, the Forest Service takes out a regular cull as a form of conservation.

Alpine Goats (most common)

These are also known as French Alpines. This specific type is very robust and agile- perfectly adapted for the life in the alps. As the name suggests. A group of French Alpines were transported to the US in 1992. This is the basis of all purebred Alpines. There are two types of Alpine. French Alpine and of course American Alpine. These are one of the largest dairy breeds. These goats can come in a range of different. Here are some of the colours in French...

COU BLANC (coo blanc) – literally “white neck” white front quarters and black hindquarters with black or gray markings on the head.

COU CLAIR (coo clair) – literally “clear neck” front quarters are tan, saffron, off-white, or shading to gray with black hindquarters.

COU NOIR (coo nwah) – literally “black neck” black front quarters and white hindquarters.

SUNDGAU (sundgow) – black with white markings such as underbody, facial stripes, etc.

PIED – spotted or mottled.

CHAMOISEE (shamwahzay) – brown or bay characteristic markings are black face, dorsal stripe, feet and legs, and sometimes a martingale running over the withers and down to the chest.

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Pygmy Goats (best for pets)

These goats are playful and fun. They are docile creatures that are able to adapt to many climates. Unfortunately these goats come in pairs. A benefit to getting these goats are that they get along very well with any livestock and/like chickens.

Ideal living situations for them. (How their shed should be kept)